The purest rice from North Italian Alps - Collection of 5 different types

The purest rice from North Italian Alps - Collection of 5 different types


The purest and highest quality rice comes from Biella province between Monte Rosa (4,630 m), Biella and Mars Alps. It is an area of pure and rich soil with crystal clear alpine water. 

High temperature fluctuations in the Alps, the strong day sun and the humid coolness at nights raise the levels of antioxidant in rice.

All rices are grown without chemicals. The area is pure and wild - no massive factories, productions or intensive farms nearby.

Collection includes:

  • 10 kg Riso Carnaroli Biancocrema
  • 10 kg Riso Maratelli Novecento "Stories of 100 years" Slow Food.
  • 10 kg Riso Rosa Marchetti "Solo Natura" Integrale
  • 10 kg Riso Nero Integrale Otello (black rice)
  • 10 kg Riso Rosso Integrale Ris Rus (red rice)

Riso Carnaroli Biancorema

Carnaroli Biancocrema rice is a historical variety that is very lightly treated. It is perfect for risotto where the silky texture and "creaminess" are completely in harmony. Carnaroli Biancocrema is a very tasty, large-sized rice with a clear sense of structure. Ideal for risotto and excellent in rice salads and pies.

Riso Maratelli Novecento "Stories of 100 years" Slow Food

The Maratelli Novecento Slow Food rice is a journey to the history. Maratelli Slow Food is very lightly treated with Maratelli's properties at its best. Slow Food Maratelli has a dark brown color and the outcome is "wonderfully rough, more structured. Maratelli is brilliant in risotto.

Riso Rosa Marchetti "Solo Natura" Integrale

The Rosa Marchetti Solo Natura Integrale rice originates from the Monte Rosa alps. It combines very high nutritional densities, a completely unique flavor and a completely special sense of taste. Rosa Marchetti Solo Natura rice allows you to cook it "al dente" and serve it when the rice begins to soften. Cooking longer will open the rice and make it a unique addition to soups and sauces.

Riso Nero Integrale Otello

The scent of Otello rice is spicy and toasty. The special scent and texture make it an interesting addition to all kinds of foods. Otello maintains its texture and flavor characteristics. Otello is quick to cook and contains many antioxidant polyphenols.

Rosso Integrale Ris Rus

Ris Rus is a smoother rice with a scent of "delicato" and is easy to combine with any kind of foods. It is great with light sauces made with high quality taggiasca olive oil. Ris Rus is a very easy to digest and it is with high nutritional density.