Slow Food Tasting Package LARGE

Slow Food Tasting Package LARGE


Alpine cheeses, fresh meats, cured meats with all delicious delights bring you a great introduction to the greatest taste adventures. 2 hours presentation/workshop included!

Collection includes:

Raw milk alpine cheeses:

  • 500 gr Legendary Raschera d'Alpeggio DOP
  • 500 gr Montebore Presidio Slow Food
  • 700 gr Bio Pecorino Fiore DOP Presidio Slow Food
  • 500 gr White Modenese Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Presidio Slow Food 7Y
  • 500 gr Blu Alpi Dolce
  • 500 gr Blu Di Pecora
  • 500gr Gobbo Tartufo 
  • 500gr Gobbo Acacia
  • 300 gr Tartufo d'Alpe

Cured alpine meats:

  • 500 gr Capocollo Sinta Senese DOP
  • 400 gr Cinta Senese Salame with fennel seeds and flowers
  • 400 gr Cinta Senese Salame with red wine
  • 1000 gr Prosciutto Crudo di Cinta Senese DOP

Fresh alpine meats:

  • 500 gr Razza Piemontese d'Alpeggio Tenderloin
  • 500 gr Cinta Senese crudo sausages

Alpine delights:

  • 250 gr Alpine grass-fed raw milk butter  
  • 500 gr Raw alpine honey Chestnut
  • 500 gr Raw alpine honey Melata d'Monregalese
  • 280 gr Taggiasca olives in extra virgin olive oil
  • 270 gr Mediterranean sea salt with local herbs
  • 500 gr Hand made sweets Dronerese with Rum
  • 500 gr Hand made praline mix  
In addition:
  • Introduction material of the products
  • Optional: 2 hours presentation/workshop

 After you have made the reservation, we will personally contact with you about transportation time that is perfect to you.