FOOD BANK: Bio Maremmana Tenderloin
FOOD BANK: Bio Maremmana Tenderloin
FOOD BANK: Bio Maremmana Tenderloin
FOOD BANK: Bio Maremmana Tenderloin

FOOD BANK: Bio Maremmana Tenderloin


Intense red color, softness, purity and wilderness - a rare masterpiece from wild Tuscany hills. 

Only max 3kg of Maremmana tenderloin is available per month.

The tenderloin of ancient Maremmana breed is full of intense and special pure flavours.

This Maremmana cattle lives in the wild Apennine hills, which is partly what makes their meat so special. It is pure and healthy with a bright color and great
aroma. It has intense red color and its flavoursome lean meat that has the advantage of loosing very little water during cooking, which means that it has a naturally delicious taste. 
The pride of our Maremmana cattle is the respect for natural biological cycle, ultimate freedom and purity, protected by Slow Food organisation.
Maremmana cattle is raised in Tuscany hills in ultimate freedom. Animals feed on Apennine flora where grass, herbs and flowers provide rich nutrition with high level of omega 3 and CLA.
This Chianina cattle has bio certification, all feed is natural and pure, GMO and pesticides free. Animals are hormone and antibiotic free.  


Maremmana Tenderloin is perfect for cooking refined and elegant dishes, such as Chateaubriand, filet with green pepper etc. 

We highly recommend a "naked meat" - grill it or cook it in oven with pinch of sea salt, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Do not use any marinades or strong sauces, because it hides the meat's natural character - delicate taste with hints of herbs, hay and wilderness. 


All fresh meats are packed into vacuum package. The meat preserves in vacuum package for 3 weeks or longer in case you prefer aged meat.


This product is extremely rare and available in very limited quantities in limited periods. Reserving is the best way to guarantee yourself the availability of these rare taste adventures. Reserving requires 100% prepayment. After you have made the order, invoice will be issued. You will also receive the reservation document with a date of delivery. Read more about Food Bank.