Cappone di Morozzo, Presidio Slow Food (RESERVATION ONLY)

Cappone di Morozzo, Presidio Slow Food (RESERVATION ONLY)


Cappone Morozzo - tender and delicate meat, authentic delight for the Christmas table.

Cappone Morozzo is a variety that dates back to the passage of Napoleon when it was the custom of sharecroppers to offer their landowners a gift of two capons. 

An exquisite meat that is served only once a year - for Christmas and New Year Eve. 

Shiny multicoloured plumage, small yellow head, thin orange-yellow claws, yellow straw-coloured skin and weighing between two and 2.7 kilograms are some of the characteristics of this important animal.

The only choice species for the production of the traditional Cappone di Morozzo is the so-called “nostrana” (local), deriving from the “Bionde Piemontesi”. By capon, we mean a male chicken, surgically unsexed (“caponisation”) before reaching sexual maturity and, in the case of the Cappone di Morozzo, slaughtered at least 220 days of age. 

The Morozzo capon must necessarily be ground-bred, left free to move in the farmyard and with fenced-areas on non-intensive farms (200 animals at the most), and fed exclusively with vegetable or natural feed.

The Morozzo capon is recognised by means of a numbered label bearing the farmer’s details of identification.


The origins of the fair date back to the period in which Napolean came through, when the sharecroppers would give the Christmas gift of a couple of capons to the owners of the lands on which they had bred them. Delicious capon meat was served on the tables of our ancestors. Speaking of this, Jean Francois Reel wrote that in 1513, this special dish used to be served in Rome on special occasions. More precisely, in Capitol Square , in honour of Giuliano de Medici, they would feast and eat capon: cooked with must, boiled and covered with white sauce, in cinnamon sauce.


The meat has the reputation of being increadibly flavourful and delicate and lends itself quite well to both bollito or even something a little more elaborate, such as Cappone di Morozzo stuffed with chestnuts alla ciapula. 


* Fresh Cappone di Morozzo is available only in December 2018. 

* Frozen Cappone di Morozzo is available around the year, in limited amounts and only in special requests.

* Highly limited availability!