We are hiring!

Superstar A-Player Wanted

Looking for fun, flexible and challenging mission, working with world's best gourmet products, taking care of our clients, providing the best and purest gastronomic experiences that make significant positive difference in people's lives? 

If so, you have found your dream opportunity!


We don't want mercenaries, we only hide patriots. People who do what they do for the love of it - the tough challenges and the sweet victories. 


We are looking for A-player:

  • You like a flexible lifestyle, you collaborate vigorously.
  • You are confident, resourceful and highly motivated self-starter who can work independently and don't require someone looking over your sholder all day.
  • You are a big thinker, story teller with a humble heart.
  • You have strong social talent and smart eye for providing new level solutions for clients "problems".
  • You are friendly, loyal, consistent and hardworking to reach the goals and fulfill the missions.
  • You love the challanges and new opportunities.
  • You have highly positive mindset, you see opportunity and value within a challenge.
  • You have relentless commitment to continuous self-improvement.
  • You have high standards for your work. Details matter to you. Results matter to you. Excellence matters to you. 
  • You are hungry and eager to learn, grow and become better every day.
  • You have wicked-awesome persuasion and marketing skills in everyday communication.
  • You have passion for fine gourmet and wines.


  • You will be our superstar who presents our world's rarest gourmet products for elite villas and yachts.  
  • You create and take care of relationships with top-50 clients. 
  • You present our prestigious products to elite customers.
  • You find solutions for customer’s problems, needs and demands.


  • Computer and internet access required. 
  • Car required. 
  • English language recquired. French, Russian is a plus. 
  • You must be located in Cote d'Azur, around Monaco area. 
  • You must have marketing skills/experience for minimum 3 years or you just need to have increadible super-talent you believe in.

We hire evidence, not hope. 


  • Better than competitive. 
  • We pay to have the best. 
  • We offer educational courses. 
  • Holiday travellings.  

NOTE: Superstars only

Send your CV and motivation letter to boutique@monacogourmet.fr and we will get back to you as soon as possible.