Our Products

Natural and Pure

Monaco Gourmet alpine products is 100% natural and pure. The products are not processed. It means that all products are alive, with the original nutritional properties, without GMO, hormones, antibiotics, additives, preservatives or any artificial flavourings, aromas. This is the art of nature combined with old traditions and heritage.

GMO Free

Gourmet Bazar products are GMO free. 

We have very strong co-operation and family-like relationships with small alpine producers, therefore we know what is given for animals. 

100% alpine herb-grass fed

We defend freedom and natural life. This is alpine lifestyle, culture, tradition and attitude - living in nature, surrounded with green pasture areas that provide all necessary nutritions for cattles.  Animals feed on alpine grass, herbs and flowers most of the time around the year. If cold winter hits, animals get alpine hay. 

 Free of Nasty things!

Our products are without additional flavourings, preservatives and sugars. Animals are free of hormones and antibiotics. 
Our products contain only three important things: nature, time and patience.

Guarantee of high quality

Our gourmet products are alive. They are living products which maturing process continues in your fridge. Alive products require own natural environment and micro-climate for ageing: underground caves, special moisture level, temperature, altitude, etc.
To provide the highest quality cheeses and cured hams, we keep our gourmet products in their natural environment in alpine caves or in special cellars in their original areas with its own micro-climate and humidity.