Eating, laughing and drinking - the Magic of Sardinian Blue Zone

Island of Sardinia has one of the healthiest and longest living people in the world, who hunt, fish and grow their own food.

Sardinian tables are filled with locally grown vegetables, fruits, seafood, olive oil, traditional hard, crispy Sardinian bread ”pistoccu”, greasy pecorino cheese, goat milk and wine.

Pecorino Fiore DOP perhaps is Sardinia’s most famous specialty. Wildly pastured Sardo sheep give precious milk that is turned into a masterpiece that matures for years in moisture underground caves. 

Meat is a rare delicacy, which is only enjoyed on special occasions on the island.

Sardinian Cannonau wine has two or three times more flavonoids than any other red wine.

Moderate wine consumption and, together with laughter, also explain the lower stress levels of Sardinian people.

The inhabitants of Sardinian Blue Zone are famous for their "Sardo" sense of humor. They gather in the afternoons to the markets to laugh with each other.

Laughing reduces stress and lengthens life.

Super Cheese Pecorino Fiore DOP

Pecorino Sardo (lamb cheeses) and goat cheeses contain protective components, vitamins A, K and D, beneficial fats, minerals and natural probiotics, and a very important natural microbial that boosts immune system.

Sufficient vitamin K2 intake affects, among other factors, the following factors in the body:

- Improves energy use in exercise.
- Adds normal testosterone excretion and fertility in men.
- Improves insulin sensitivity and yield (i.e., promotes normal blood glucose balance).
- Improves the mineralization of bones and teeth.
- Reduces the risk of bone fractures and holes.
- Prevents atherosclerosis and kidney stones.
- Can prevent cancer by disabling certain cancer genes and, on the other hand, on genes that keep cells healthy.


The Ultimate Vitamin K2Resource


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Omega3 and CLA fatty acids promote the health of the heart and blood vessels.

"High-quality alpine raw milk is rich in vitamins and bacterias that help to improve the immune system. Specifically, it contains vitamin A, important for sight, cellular development, antitumoral activity and immune defenses, and vitamin D, necessary for cellular activity, brain (+ K2, Omega3, cla, natural probiotics) "

"The 9-year follow-up study by the Stockholm Karolinska Institute and nearly 20,000 women found that fatty dairy products prevented gaining weight."

Olive oils, however, contain plenty of polyphenols, which also promote health and are part of the longevity menu.