Are you interested in strong shiny teeth and strong bones?

Are you interested in strong shiny teeth and strong bones?

Long matured, fatty raw milk cheeses

For example, Pecorino Sardo that is aged for 2.5 years and also goat cheeses contain A, K2 and D group vitamins, beneficial fats, minerals and natural probiotics and a very important natural microbial that enhances immunity.

Sufficient vitamin K2 intake affects, among other factors, the following factors in the body:

- It helps improve exercise performance by enhancing your ability to utilize energy during bouts of physical activity.
- it increases testosterone and fertility in males, and it helps bring the high levels of male hormones found in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) back down to normal.
- Improves insulin sensitivity and yield (i.e., promotes normal blood glucose balance)
- Improves the mineralization of bones and teeth
- Reduces the risk of bone fractures and holes
- Prevents atherosclerosis and kidney stones
- It protects against cancer by suppressing the genes that make cells cancerous and expressing the genes that make cells healthy.

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 Lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke

"According to a 15 study-based researches, eating a cheese is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and lower risk of stroke.Vitamin K2 reduces vascular calcification and strengthens bones. Vitamin K2 is formed into cheese during its ripening as a result of bacterial cracking. "

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Vitamin K2 and consumption of cheeses are combined with a lower risk of cancer:

Alpine cheeses promote the health

Abundant Omega 3 and CLA fatty acids in Alpine cheeses promote the health of the heart and blood vessels.

High-quality alpine raw milk is rich in vitamins and bacterial microflora that helps to improve the immune system. Specifically, it contains vitamin A, important for sight, cellular development, antitumoral activity and immune defenses; and vitamin D, necessary for cellular activity, brain development, prevention of cancer and immune system development.
(+ K2, Omega3, CLA, natural probiotics)

Does fatty cheeses make you fatty?

"The 9-year follow-up study by the Stockholm Karolinska Institute and nearly 20,000 women found that fatty dairy products prevented to gain fat."