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The mysterious honey by Alpine bees and aphids

Melata d'Bosco and d'Abete honey are one of the rarest and most complex honeys produced. Bees produce special honey once a year within 45 days. Bees produce this honey in symbiosis with aphids that live on the Alpine trees such as linden, fir and oak feeding on the sap therein (Cinara costate, C. piceae, Physokermes hemicryphus.) 

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Eating, laughing and drinking - the Magic of Sardinian Blue Zone

Island of Sardinia has one of the healthiest and longest living people in the world, who hunt, fish and grow their own food. Sardinian tables are filled with locally grown vegetables, fruits, seafood, olive oil, traditional hard, crispy Sardinian bread ”pistoccu”, greasy pecorino cheese, goat milk and wine.

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